City Invincible is a documentary movie about a personal journey home to one of America's infamous post-industrial cities, Camden, N.J.  Sometimes referred to by the media as "the Most Dangerous City in America," ahead of more familiar places like Detroit and Saint Louis. As Camden teeters on the verge of revitalization, the people of Camden want to convince the rest of the world to notice, and to support efforts to rescind over fifty years of urban decline and blight.

This notorious little city on the Delaware River was once an industrial giant, producing everything from pens to battleships. Camden was home to the great grey poet, Walt Whitman, and esteemed companies like RCA Victor, N.Y. Ship, VanSciver's, and it is still headquarters for the Campbell Soup Company.

On the journey we met Mayor Dana Redd, Police Chief Thomson, Monsignor Michael Doyle of Sacred Heart Church, numerous Camden families, and children of hope, and a special nun working to help Camden heal, Sister Helen Cole.

Find out why some people never give up, and what hope really means! 

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Currently in Post-Production.

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